Homemade Christmas Wreath

Watching our pennies is a way of life when you have five children, so when it came to decorating for Christmas we're no different and it's much more fun to make your own anyway. So I decided to hunt around the shop for ideas. This is what I came up with.

So this is how I made it...

What I used..

12"/30cm embroidery hoop

2X1.2m trimmed hessian strips

2-3 meters of wired christmas ribbon idealy more than 1.5inch/4cm

a handful of christmas trims e.g gold flowers, wooden card eliments, glitter pom poms, old baubles

a hot glue gun, or ordinary fabric glue (and some patience, which I don't have much of)

strong thread or embroidery thread, ordinary thread will do but it may snap so try doubling it up.

You will also need some craft wire to attatch it to your door.

Start with the hessian strips, unroll them both and then, using your strong or embroidery thread, tie a knot in one end and then tack up the center of the strip and gather gently, measuring it to fit half of the embroidery hoop and tie off.

Now using the hot glue gun, glue the hessian strips onto each side of the embroidery hoop as shown, don't worry if the hessian overlaps at the top and bottom, it won't be noticeable.

Below...This is how it should look.

Now you can attatched the wired ribbon, I just glued it at different points around the wreath covering the thread used to gather the hessian, don't worry if the glue comes through, it will be hidden with embellishments.

I made the bow separately to don't worry just join the ribbon at the bottom of the wreath.

As I said I made the bow seperately, so simply make a bow anyway you like, because of the wire in the ribbon you can move and manipulate the bow to make it look however you wish. Now glue the bow on at the bottom covering the ends of the ribbon. Now add the embellishment evenly spaced to cover the areas you glued the ribbon on.

I also glued a bauble on just below the bow to that it would hang merrily...but if you are in a windy spot don't do this as it bangs on the door!

All finished

You can mess around with this design as much as you like, the idea is to use up all your odd trimmings and embellishments.

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