Good Vibes Crochet Granny Square Cushion

Sooooo, the new yarn season is here and so is some very yummy yarn, the children are back at school and my 2 new starters are settling in nicely, one in primary school and one in high school. There have been no major hiccups and everyone seems happy. Now that the likely hood of being called out of work at a moments notice for forgotten P.E kits and lost bus passes is looking less and less likely my mind is wondering to starting new projects and finishing old ones.....alright maybe more to the new ones and new yarn.

Speaking of new yarn Stylecraft have brought out a lovely new yarn called Batik DK, it comes in 16 simple, stunning shades and is 20% wool, 80% acrylic. When the yarn arrived at my little shop it was a delight to put on display and I couldn't wait to get my hook into some of it.

There are 16 shades so I played around with a few combinations before I settled on one, here are some of them. I decided on 4 colours and a contrast to edge the squares all as well as using it in the squares. In the pictures I have arranged the yarn with my 4 colours in a row and the contrast on top.

A mellow choice with greens, (olive and pistachio), coral, gold and the cream shade as contrast.

For this richer coloured combination I chose pinks (Raspberry & Cherry) and blues (teal & indigo), with a contrast of Olive.

And this last one is the one I chose, I just loved the bright colours together with the darker, more plain, contrast of the grey, that brings out the lively colours. The shades I used are as follows: coral, old gold, plum, cherry and the contrast is graphite.

This is a great break time project, so here is how to make it.

You will need.

1 ball each of Stylecraft Batik 50g balls in shades Coral, Old Gold, Plum, Cherry and Graphite

4mm hook

40 x 40 cm cushion

15mm plastic snap fasteners

yarn needles

I made 16 squares in total, each round was a random colourways .

Each granny square is made using the traditional granny square method ( I have another blog post on this), making 4 rounds and then 2 rounds of double crochet the last always in the graphite (grey).

I have sewn the front together using whip stitch or over stitch but only into the back of each stitch to give a neater finish.

The whip stitch seam from the front.

The front all finished.

The back of the cushion is made in one piece using the same traditional granny square, i just continued until it was the same size as the front.

I then decided to join the front to the back using double crochet in any colour you wish on 3 sides only, then on the 4th side, double crochet across only the front of the cushion leaving the 4th side open. At the end I then crocheted back across the back edge of the cushion, I then completed another row in one of the other colours.

I completed the cushion by sewing on the plastic snap fasteners along the open edge.

Now pop in your cushion and snap the closures and enjoy xx

I hope you get some good vibes from your granny square cushion.

If I have missed anything out do let me know xx.

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