Odd balls

You know when you have one of those moments when see a yarn and think, "I must have one or two of those!", you don't have a project in mind but you really must have some....well I have had this yarn hanging around for over 3 years, I bought it in a mad moment before I opened the shop. every now and then I come across it and think I must do something with it, well eventually I decided I must do something with it because it was driving me mad. You can't do much with two, 50g balls so I thought..Hat and gloves for one of my little people. The Yarn was a Schachenmayr Universa colour and I matched it with a Bergere de France ideal Citronnier both are DK yarns and I used an old childrens hat and glove pattern that I have used many times.

There is such satisfaction in using yarn that has been waiting so long and when you find just the right project for it, more than a little pleasing...hence the blog post ...I'm sure you have all had moments like it. I have now been inspired to finish off more projects and dig out yarn that has been waiting for just the right time.

#handmade #doubleknit #knitting #stashbusters #oddyarns

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