I think most parents of school age children will agree that with the advent of school jumpers and cardigans with embroidered logos, the quality has really suffered. With 4 children to kit out with uniforms and another starting in September, I'm not pleased when just one term goes by and their jumper look faded and wash worn.

so...i decided to Knit them instead. I asked school if this was acceptable and they were fine with that as long as they were the right colour. My eldest 2 daughters are at high school and can only wear exactly what school say! so I decided to start with my younest daughter who is in primary school. it took me a while to fine just the right shade of burgundy to match the school jumper,s but i managed it with Patons gold yarn, which is really nice to knit with and washes and tumble dries ( although I haven't washed it yet! so i'll let you know how it washes later.) I found a good pattern that ranges from 2 years to adult with basic cardigans and jumper, Patons leaflet 3890 ( available in our shop).

Maybe more of us should knit school jumpers and cardigans, I remember my mum knitting us school jumpers, I loved them. Even though it isn't cheaper to knit school jumpers than to buy them, who knits to save money? we knit because we love it and isn't it more cost effective to knit something that will be greatly used, very much appreciated and will hopefully last until they grow out of it.

here are some pictures of the garment in progress and finally ready to wear....

Now on with a jumper for my little boy who starts scholl in September.

#handmade #knitting #cardigans #Patons #doubleknit

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