Granny Squares Ahoy

I have been knitting, crocheting and sewing like a mad women since opened my shop back in 2013, but not long ago I realise that other than making clothes and toys for my children ( and shop) I really did have any home crafted items in our sort of shocked my really as I eat, sleep, and dream crafts.

So I decided to start with the basics... blankets for the kids, starting with the youngest Reuben as he is due to move from his junior bed to a full size one. I love granny square blankets but I wanted something that would not become dated too quickly, I decided to keep the colours simple, and obviously boyish. Take a look at my pics. I used Bergere de france Magic + yarn, I love their wools, its an Aran weight yarn so you could use any for it. I measure a single bed and worked out with a 3 round sqaure and borders i would need 150 squares which is approx 15 balls of Magic + yarn (50g balls) for the Squares and approx 10-15 for the borders.

it has taken on and off 3 months to finish the main piece, I used the join as you go method of joining the sqaures, it's so neat and much less work. I just need to finish the borders now and then I will post the end result, I just need to buy my sons new bed now!

#Crochet #blanket #handmade #bedspread #handycraft #grannysquare

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